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So you want to dominate your male partner and show him who the real boss is? Well, if that is your fetish, you will find this adult tube site to be satisfying. Bust balls no matter how you like it. Watch his show you that he has managed to control pain every time his dangling jewels.

On their main page, you will see thumbnails of videos that they recently updated. Unlike other sites which links you to an ad after clicking the thumbnails. The videos featured here will play right away after your click. Ballbusting tube is a community of healthy people which loves balls—sucking on them, squeezing them, hitting them, punishing them—name it and chances are, you will find a video for your particular ball fetish.

Video quality is not consistent in HD format. Well, that is understandable as videos are uploaded by members who just want to share their ball-fetish to the world. They love to kick balls and literally do it. With the quality of videos uploaded, whether the resolution is not clear or the video content itself is done in bad taste, this ballbusting tube site appears cheap. But hey, you do not just find a “balls” exclusive video anywhere on the net. So this is still a good find.

What Pimplinks likes about BallbustingTube

  • Videos are focused on “balls”
  • Lots of amateurs
  • Mobile Friendly


What Pimplinks dislikes about BallbustingTube

  • Advertising
  • Popups from time to time