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Warning. Imagine your favorite free porn site and then imagine it all fucked you. Heavy R is not for everyone. They don’t fuck around. Just check out their slogan. They cater to "heavy" porn.


Strap on your latex suit put on your gas mask, and get ready for action. HEAVY-R is here to please your mind and balls with the most disgusting and mind-boggling fetish porn you want and need! 91,299 people signed up for you and uploaded 92,692 videos. Are you just sitting there waiting for nothing? Use your free hand to sign up, contribute and help us build the biggest collection of pornographic filth the internet has ever seen!”

It contains some seriously sick shit like scat and torture, bizarre, fisting, humiliation and shocking videos, but if that’s your thing you’re going to feel right at home. If you’re willing to take the risk of some extreme content showing up on your screens, you can find the odd alternative fetish video or funny. is probably one you’re gonna wanna set the homepage on your best mates computer before his mum logs in. Owned!

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