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Do you want to get back at your ex? There’s a way to get an act of revenge on your cheating or crazy bitchy girlfriend. Upload their video and put them on the internet for that ultimate humiliation. Submitted videos of exes are fun to watch especially if you know that they are humiliated by those acts. This is a site where you can be sure that the videos featured are amateurs and are uploaded by regular people. It is like a leak of sex-tapes of celebrities. 

However, some users who upload videos even exposed their exes names and other details. Amazing that they can do that and disclose their former partners as if they are sluts. You can read some of the entries, and you get crazy about them too.

One video is a slender beauty cheating her boyfriend being grabbed and banged mercilessly from behind by a hung neighbor. The sex videos submitted to this adult amateur porn site are so many that you will always get a video to satisfy your sexual cravings to humiliate your bitchy ex.

What Pimplinks likes about MyEx

•    Buffers well
•    Mobile Friendly

What Pimplinks dislikes about MyEx

•    Popping Ads